The History of KC's Bon Ton Soul Accordion Band: Taint Nuthin' But A Party

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DIG THE BAND? NOW GET THE BOOK! TAINT NUTHIN’ BUT A PARTY A LEWD AND LASCIVIOUS CHRONICLE OF A LEWD AND LASCIVIOUS BAND AND ITS LEWD AND LASCIVIOUS FANS This one-of-a-kind adults-only book celebrates The Bon Ton Soul Accordion Band, Kansas City’s premier partiers and purveyors of uninhibited political incorrectness. Follow the band from its inception in 1982 until its founder and leader, Richard Lucente, retired the group in 2001. Then relive the revival when, after a thirteen-year hiatus, an out-of-the-blue nomination to the Kansas Music Hall of Fame in 2014, and a vociferous response to its raucous performance at the Hall’s induction ceremony in March of that year, prompted the band to re-form and continue its lewd and lascivious ways as if it had never stopped. This in-your-face artfully-designed book accurately reflects the band’s unique personality and singular place in the Kansas City music scene. Included are a concise illustrated band history, over forty lyrics with the author’s commentary, little-known anecdotes about album cover production, as well as a chronology consisting of countless photographs accompanied by even more tasty band lore. The 60-page book will be an essential manual for every fan and the perfect gift for those of their friends who think they’re f*ckin’ nuts.

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