The Bon Ton Soul Accordion Band

Ain't No Zydeco But It's Something Else


This is a pristine vinyl LP digitized at a high bit-rate. Scanned LP album cover and liner notes are included in the zip file.

Track Listing:

01 - C'est Si Bon Ton
02 - Send Her My Way
03 - My Prayer
04 - Arms Of A Man
05 - Steal Away
06 - Kiki
07 - Don't It Feel Right
08 - Give What You Can
09 - Don't Know When To Laugh
10 - Bon Ton

C'est Si Bon Ton.mp3

Send Her My Way.mp3

My Prayer.mp3

Arms Of A Man.mp3

Steal Away.mp3


Don't It Feel Right.mp3

Give What You Can.mp3

Don't Know When To Laugh.mp3

Bon Ton.mp3